BLOG: Deepen your relationship with your Nurturer

Deepen your relationship with your Nurturer

All of us connected to the menstrual cycle embody four major archetypes. These energies support and guide us through our menstrual cycle. Even if you do not menstruate monthly, you are still connected to the moon's cycles. Indeed, everyone with a menstrual cycle, whether they bleed or not, shares this connection to the moon.

If you're interested in learning more about these four archetypes and their connection to the moon cycle, you can read this blog where we delve into each one.

In this particular post, we will expand on our relationship with what some call the 'Mother' archetype. At Lunam, we refer to it as the 'Nurturer.' This archetype is about our capacity to care for ourselves or others, our desire to nourish, and our ability to look after ourselves and those we love—including Mother Earth.

Why Connecting with Our Nurturer Archetype Matters

Connecting with our Nurturer archetype is fundamentally about nurturing oneself and our loved ones, including Mother Earth. This energy typically becomes most active during your ovulation period and the full moon. Here are four ways you can deepen your connection with the Nurturer within:

Spend as Much Time in Nature as Possible:

Mother Earth, the queen of nourishment, feeds and cares for the entire planet. Immersing yourself in nature can help you tap into this nurturing energy. 

    Prioritize Self-Care

    It's easy to focus on others before ourselves, especially during our menstrual cycle. Make time for activities you love, and use products like our Nurture Mist to hydrate your skin, cleanse your space, and enrich your full moon rituals.

    Host Gatherings:

    Sharing meals with loved ones can strengthen bonds and deepen your nurturing connections. Consider hosting a lunch or dinner to bring people together.

    Engage in Hands-On Activities:

    DIY projects or crafts that require you to use your hands can be meditative and fulfilling, helping you connect with the Nurturer archetype through creation.

    Remember, the journey to connect with this archetype doesn't end here. Continue to explore and honor these energies throughout your menstrual cycle and the phases of the moon to deepen your understanding and enhance your life. We at Lunam are here to guide and support you on this enriching journey, helping you to connect with the Nurturer within and embrace the full spectrum of your innate archetypal energies.

    Use this affirmation to help you deepen your connection: As I nurture myself, I nurture others.”

    For more insights and to explore our range of Nurture products, click here.

    Written by: Catalina Sardi

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