Did you know that women go through 4 emotional stages in each menstrual cycle

Did you know that women go through 4 emotional stages in each menstrual cycle

Yes, you read it right. 

Women go through four different emotional stages in each 28-day menstrual cycle, which can be traced back to our ancestral lineage and indigenous traditions worldwide. 

The beauty of these four stages is that they explain some of the feelings, emotions, thoughts, and reactions we, as women, experience. And the more we know ourselves, the more conscious and loving our lives can become.  


Every woman, regardless of her age, development stage, or whether she has had a hysterectomy or not, is embodied by the Moon. The womb and the Moon work together to create the natural rhythm of life for women.


If you bleed each month, your rhythm is connected to your menstrual cycle. If you don’t bleed, your rhythm is then connected to the Moon cycles. 


We are connected in one way or another to the rhythm of Earth, whether it is through our womb or the Moon. 

So here we go….

The 4 stages:

Do you ever feel as if you have all the energy of the world? Do you ever feel as if you can rule the world in a heartbeat?

If so… this usually starts the first day after you end your bleeding days of your menstrual cycle, this is the pre-ovulation phase, or if you don’t have your period it’s during the crescent moon, and lasts more or less, between 6 to 7 days.

Physiological and energetically speaking, your body is getting ready to create something, whether it’s a baby or a project. Your body is getting ready to give birth to your creation, so you are full of energy, practical, productive and, at this time, you have great mental agility. 

Take advantage of this time to take action and get things done. Trust me, you will have the energy to rule the world if you want to. 

This phase of the cycle is called Goddess and if you are a believer in mythology, Artemisia and/or Diana are the goddesses that represent this phase. And it is also related to the Spring Season, where everything is blooming. 

Before we move forward, just one last thing about the Goddess phase. Please try to connect to your compassion as we can also be selfish and egocentric now. 

As we move into the following phase, we still have the same level of energy but the way we use it changes. In the Goddess phase, it’s all about us but once we start moving into the ovulation phase or Full Moon we focus our energy more towards being in service to others.

This phase is called Nurturer or Mother because we are getting ready to become a mother, physiologically speaking, of course. Our body opens up the doors to the possibility of a new being being created inside of us. And if you don’t want to be a biological mother, it’s a perfect time to think about those projects you want to give birth to as well as nurture in your life.

This phase, mythologically speaking, is connected to Demeter and/or Gaia and it is connected to the Summer Season. 

In this phase you feel the need to be surrounded by family and friends, to collaborate and work together with others (....perfect time for your projects!!). You also feel very connected to Mother Earth and have this inner desire to nurture others… in your unique way. 


Lunam lunar cycleAs we move into the next phase, the premenstrual or waxing moon, our energy  takes a completely different route. At this point, from a physiological point, our body is getting ready to let go of the possibility of creating a baby. It is a transitional stage from the possibility of creating something great to get ready to let go of this possibility. Trust me, it’s a lot and that is why we feel easily irritated, our fears show up with such ease and we have less energy so we need more food than usual. This is when our cravings kicked in. 

This phase is called the Wild Women and is connected to Persephone in mythology. It is also connected to the Autumn or Fall season where nature is ready to let go, and so are we. 

It is also a magical time because it is when we are most connected to our psychic and subconscious minds. It is a perfect time to connect to our alchemist and transform our fears into lessons learned. Try to journal as much as you can at this time. 

Now, let's enter the following stage of the cycle….

The Wise Women, the shaman. We are now in our menstrual period or new moon. We are letting go of something in our body, and that is why we bleed. We are transmuting. And it is a beautiful time to go within and let go of that which no longer serves us. It can be the possibility of creating a baby or it can also be letting go of all those fears, emotions, and thoughts that came up for you during the Wild Women phase. 

This is a time of great wisdom so take time to go within. Acknowledge and honor yourself and your body for all that you have been through during this cycle. Your energy is low so take it slow, pamper yourself, and be with yourself. You need it. You deserve it. 

Honor yourself, honor who you are.

Here in LUNAM, we do. We honor you.

We have created this document as a guide for you during these 4 cycles and/or archetypes. Also don’t forget to check out our aromatherapy collection, designed with ancient wisdom to hold and support you during each one of these phases. 


Written by:  Catalina Sardi

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