Moon Cycles & Archetypes

There are four ancient phases of the menstrual cycle to help us adapt our life flow to take care of our needs and embody our true power. They are connected to the four phases of the menstrual cycle and can offer useful insight into how to lead a more wholehearted life.

No matter our age, what developmental phase of life we are in, whether you bleed every month or not, whether you have had a hysterectomy or not, the Moon is embodied within the physical and energetic core of every woman. Together the Womb and the Moon create a woman’s natural rhythm of life.

The moon cycles possess archetypal energies that offer women deeper insight into her own natural rhythms and how her divine flow guides her to have greater control over her mental and emotional well-being as well as harness the full potential of her creativity, strength, and nourishment. The four archetypes are Wise, Goddess, Nurturer, and Wild.

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  • Goddess

    From the 7th day to the 13th day of your menstrual cycle

    Cycle: Pre-ovulation

    Moon: Crescent Moon

    Energy: Young, creative, full of energy ready to take on new projects and endeavors

    Season: Spring

    Element: Air

    Cardinal Direction: East

    Shadow: The creative energy is so powerful that if not organized, this may lead the Goddess to not concreting projects.

    How to bring the Goddess archetype into being: Be assertive, ask for what you want, calmly but firmly.

  • Nurturer

    From the 14th day to the 21st day of your menstrual cycle. 

    Cycle: Ovulation

    Moon: Full Moon

    Energy: Expansive and available to help others and nurture community.

    Season: Summer

    Element: Water

    Cardinal Direction: South

    Shadow: This archetype has such a motherly energy, that in nurturing others can forget to make time for one self. Through conditions of guilt and sacrifice can show up in the shadows as the martyr.

    How to bring the Nurturer archetype into being: Make time for yourself and your desires.

  • Wild

    From day 22nd to the 29th day of your menstrual cycle. 

    Cycle: Luteal phase 

    Moon: Waxing Moon

    Energy: Very intuitive and in touch with the inner world, with the magic within.

    Season: Autumn 

    Element: Fire

    Cardinal Direction: West

    If led by fear, this archetype expresses her shadow self through resentment and destruction; often towards herself.

    How to bring the Wild Woman archetype into being: Allow all your feelings, and value them because each one is a teacher.

  • Wise

    From the 1st day to the 6th day of your menstrual cycle. 

    Cycle: Menstrual phase

    Moon: New Moon

    Energy: Very inward, time for hibernation and relaxation

    Season: Winter

    Element: Earth

    Cardinal Direction: North

    Shadow: This archetype represents symbolic death to make space for rebirth. It is not a time to give to others but a time for oneself. 

    How to bring the Wise archetype into being: Give yourself plenty of time to retreat.