The sustainable journey of new generations; Panties to Panties

The sustainable journey of new generations; Panties to Panties

In recent years, there has been a growing awareness of the environmental and health impact of traditional disposable menstrual products. As a result, many of us are seeking sustainable and healthier alternatives for periods. One option that has been gaining popularity is menstrual panties. Not only do these innovative garments provide a comfortable, leak-proof experience and greener future, but they also contribute to a healthier impact on our body. 

So let's explore this sustainable and healthier journey of menstrual panties and focus on how we can transition from one panty to another.

  1. What are period panties?
    These are just regular underwear with additional layers and special fabrics (not bulky) in the crotch area to absorb menstrual blood and if you want to take a step further, any type of leakage. There are different types of absorption levels depending on the heaviness of your menstrual period - from light, moderate, heavy and/or super heavy.
    Period panties are designed to be used instead of tampons or disposable pads. And, as regular ones, they are designed to be washed, re-wore, and washed again and washed again. Pretty much like regular underwear.
  2. Some of the health benefits of using period panties is that they can be chemical-free. Recent studies have shown that tampons, disposable pads and panty liners might have high levels of chemicals that might interfere with the body’s hormones and since they are in direct contact with the vulva and vagina, these chemicals can be easily absorbed. On that account, by using period panties, you might reduce the exposure of these chemicals into your body. LUNAM panties, we are proud to say we are chemical-free panties, meaning we are PFA’S free. See results.
  3. Did you know that over one woman's lifetime between 5,000 to 15,000  disposable pads and tampons (plus their wrappers and applicators) can end up in landfills and our oceans?

    The average disposable pad is made up of 90% of plastic, making a pack       equivalent to 5 plastic bags.

    By using period panties, like LUNAM’s, waste will be reduced by 95% and Co2 emissions by 90%. This is a significant positive environmental impact. 

  4. Now let's talk about the Cost-Effectiveness of using period panties. On average, women with menstrual cycles use approximately 10,000 disposable period products throughout  their lifetime, and even though the total cost varies by country,  in the USA it is estimated to cost UDS18,000 in a lifetime.   By switching to Lunam, not only will the consumption of disposable harmful products be eliminated but the cost spent will be significantly reduced.Think about it… we estimated you will just be using 128 pairs of Lunam panties over a lifetime.

  5. Transitioning from Panty to Panty - Comfort and Convenience
    Period underwear, like we mentioned earlier, are just like regular panties but with extra layers for extra comfort and safety from any leakages. Using period panties is like transitioning once a month from your regular panty into period panty - Panty to Panty. As simple as that.They are designed to give you comfort, leakage free safety and make you feel free with your moon cycle.

    Additionally, the extra layers that period panties have, or at least LUNAM’s, are also odor free, in case you are wondering. The material has been carefully selected to not only be leakage free but also odor free.

    If you are still hesitant about using period underwear, it is ok. We all have been there. How about you try them first on your lighter flow days. Or you can also use them as backup with other products for your period like tampons and/or menstrual cups and let us know how it goes. 

We are here for you. Write to us and let us know your thoughts.

 Written by: Catalina Sardi

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