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The future of period wellness is here

Lunam is a remembrance. A sacred movement. An invitation to come home to knowing. A call to follow the whispers of our heart. We are consciously transforming the collective while minimizing environmental impact. We are creating the future of period wellness, and at the core of our mission is our commitment to being eco-friendly and sustainable. In all of our products, we use non-toxic materials, ensuring that your well-being and the well-being of our planet are prioritized. Our dedication to sustainability extends to our panties, which are entirely free of forever chemical materials, further emphasizing our commitment to a healthier and greener world.

Whether you bleed or not every month, we believe in the connection of rhythm and cycles. The connection with the Moon, our emotions, our thoughts, our menstrual period, and the power it blooms when we understand, accept, and honor this connection. We believe that every person, whether they bleed or not every month, is worthy of honoring and embracing who they are and what they are. We believe in the power of inclusion. The Future of Period Wellness is inclusive.

We believe that every person that bleeds each month should have a dignified and an honorable menstrual cycle. We all have our own rhythm, cycle, and menstrual period. We honor the menstrual cycle.
The Future of Period Wellness is honoring our period.

We are creating a world where people understand, embrace, and honor their own rhythm and cycles. We believe in the power of sharing and educating all those who, in some way or another, are involved in the period cycles. We educate on the power of connecting to your menstrual cycle. The Future of Period Wellness is education on period cycles.

Continue reading our BLOGs as we take you into the journey of The Future of Period Wellness, where sustainability, inclusivity, and education are the cornerstones of our mission.

Written by: Alejandra Colmenares

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