Do period underwear actually work?

Do period underwear actually work?

Maybe you have heard of period underwear before, or maybe not and you just want to know more. You want to know, How they work? Do they actually work? Or even, you are asking yourself, can you trust them? And the truth is that not all brands are created equal. 


We have done intensive research on which are the best sustainable, healthier, and yet absorbent materials that exist today because, for us, these components - the planet (sustainability), chemical-free materials (health), and women's cycle (safe on your own skin, kind of feeling) are our mission at Lunam.


Our products are designed by women for women. We understand the importance of feeling safe in your own skin, especially, when you have your period. We have designed products to make you feel safe, comfortable, protected, and loved. Each of our underwear has been carefully designed with specific material layers based on absorption levels and we have created styles that accommodate every woman's needs.


And because Mother Earth is very important to us, we have looked and are still looking for the best sustainable materials so we can create a positive impact on the environment, and it is also one of the ways we are giving back. Our materials have been meticulously selected and tested to be chemical-free, especially PFAS-free.


Not sure if period underwear is for you? No worries. Our styles are made for everybody. And if you’re not ready to jump in the deep end, you can always wear Lunam underwear as a backup along with your other period products (tampons or cups). Also, you can start by using LUNAM Period underwear on your light days, but beware, once you try them, your life will never be the same. 


Customer Feedback:


“First time ever trying a period panty and I’m hooked! I only want to use these from now on. They are so soft and I feel so much more comfortable sleeping, exercising, and doing everything throughout the day. I need more because it's the only thing I want to use during my period. Thank you Lunam!!” - Camila G. 


Curious to try them?

Here are some great options to start with and please let us know what your experience was. We are here for you. 


Written by: Catalina Sardi

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