The hidden gifts of our period

The hidden gifts of our period

In collaboration with our muse Elina Pavildis, we created a series of short videos with powerful information about the hidden gifts of your period. These videos dive deep into the often-overlooked benefits and insights that the menstrual cycle provides.

1. Did you know that your brain’s activity is altered the week before your menses?

When women allow themselves a moment of relaxation a week before their menses, a significant decrease in frontal and parietal lobe activity has been observed - compared to when in a relaxed state outside of this phase of our cycle.

This decrease in brain activity is related to external sensory perceptions such as touch and spatial awareness, as well as our ability to perform actions, language, and decision-making!

The body is naturally inviting us on an introspective journey. It is like the volume of the outer world has been lowered so we can hear the inner world. 

We suddenly have an increased capacity to delve deeper into ourselves. It is our monthly opportunity to understand the things we need to adjust in our lives, to integrate the past weeks, and prepare to let go and start anew with the next cycle.

Yet this gift is only revealed when we create space for relaxation...!

Dear women take time to pause, to contemplate, to feel the week leading to your moon.

Dear men, encourage the women in your life to relax and take alone quiet time in that phase of their cycle. 

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2. Three reasons to use Period Underwear

Facilitating the downward energy flow of the body:

Did you know that when women are menstruating, an energy current called Apana, in Sanskrit, is acting to release and move out of the body the uterine lining - our menstrual liquid?

Many things can make that energy current sluggish or even interrupt it, therefore making our menses more challenging. It is like placing barricades on a river path that can altogether stop the river from flowing or slow down its course.

Physically, when we place a cup or a tampon in the vagina canal, we are somewhat creating an obstruction to this downward flow. Similarly, when we are stuck in our head, very mentally active, we command our body's energy to focus upwards, instead of allowing it to move downwards. This can sometimes also make our period more difficult.

Your vagina walls are highly porous and partially absorb whatever goes in.

So whenever we place bleached cotton, for example, our body absorbs some of those chemicals. This is also a reason to use period undies, cups, pads, or tampons that are as natural as possible.

Because these mechanics are microscopic, we often don't realize how porous our skin and our mucous membranes are! What we wear impacts our bodies greatly. So remember when choosing period undies choose chemical-free and PFAs-free like all of @Lunam.universe’s products!  

When physically holding something in our vagina, the vagina muscles slightly contract around the object.

It may be a slight contraction yet it is held over days, it creates a micro-tension and in my experience, it can often increase menstrual pain, especially at a moment when our yoni is working hard on releasing the uterus lining. Imagine gently holding a glass for 12 hours!

Period undies allow the body to completely relax and allow our unconstricted flow of menstrual elixir to gently flow out.

3. Your period is actually the most nutrient-dense liquid in your body, filled with the potential for life. It is truly miraculous. 

Recent studies have found that menstrual blood contains the highest concentration of stem cells in our body. Our bodies use stem cells as a kind of repair kit, to replace damaged or worn-out cells, heal injuries, and maintain healthy tissues. They're also a powerful tool for scientists studying how our bodies work and how to treat diseases. 

Menstrual blood is a magical elixir within us, embodying the potential for life.  It is the foundation of the placenta. The more women feel comfortable with their bodies and embrace this monthly shedding, the more they can appreciate that it signifies the potential of the beginning of life. 

Every month, our period represents the process of letting go of something deeply precious, reminding us of our incredible ability to create and sustain life.

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Meet Elina Pavlidis, a human potential activator and holistic healing specialist with a twist of magic. She has guided hundreds to unlock their highest potential and make quantum leaps. Through profound mystical experiences and extensive research, she has developed tools to help people break free from suffering and find purpose, joy, and loving relationships. Conde Nast Traveler and Forbes have recognized her retreats as an outstanding experience. Find more about her on IG: @elinapavlidis and website:

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